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In 2019, Cryo Sculpting Lab (CSL) was born in San Diego, California, founded by David Krainiak, a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in health and fitness. After years of helping individuals transform their bodies, Krainiak recognized the persistent challenge of stubborn fat areas despite diet and exercise. This realization fueled his exploration into non-invasive body contouring treatments.

CSL quickly became a hub for affordable and effective body sculpting, utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver remarkable results in just 46 minutes. The treatments were not only safe and impactful but also boasted no downtime, making them an accessible and cost-effective solution for individuals seeking transformative results. Krainiak’s scalable business model allowed CSL to grow from a single 150 sq ft room to a full Medical Spa with 10 rooms.

The success of Cryo Sculpting Lab extended beyond San Diego, attracting clients who traveled for hours to experience the transformative treatments. As demand soared and clients referred friends and family, Krainiak realized that the revolutionary system he had developed needed to be shared with the world. This led to the exciting decision to franchise CSL, empowering others to join the movement of helping communities look and feel great through the wonders of Cryo Sculpting.

Never before has it been so easy to start a Cryo Sculpting Lab Franchise using David’s proprietary system.